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Welcome to our TC Lottery Customer Support guide. In this section, we address common issues faced by players, offering solutions to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Key areas covered include:

  • Recharge Problems: Solutions for issues like missing UTR numbers during payments. We advise collecting all relevant screenshots and bank details and contacting customer service for swift resolution.

  • Withdrawal Issues: Assistance with problems arising from incorrect bank details or processing delays. We guide you on updating bank information through customer support.

  • Password Reset: Steps to reset your password, provided you remember your TC ID or the mobile number used at registration. For those registered under specific agents, direct agent assistance is available.

  • General Issue Resolution: Guidance on gathering evidence such as screenshots and bank details for any recharge or withdrawal problems, and how to reach out to our customer service for prompt assistance.

  • Bank Detail Updates: Information on contacting our support team for quick updates to your bank details.

  • Special Assistance: For players registered under ME, we offer a direct line of communication through a provided Telegram ID for expedited issue resolution.

This summary encapsulates essential TC Lottery customer support topics like login issues, registration problems, password resets, recharge and withdrawal difficulties, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient support experience.

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